You are invited to explore our website to learn about our church and our church family. As you learn who we are and what we do, may you discover that the Hinsdale Adventist Church is a wonderful God-centered place to grow in fellowship and service. Our vision is to glorify God by growing together. Whether you are visiting for the first time or are a long-time member, we hope that you find the information you seek. May the content encourage and enlighten you as you find ways to connect to our Lord and Savior. Our congregation is diverse, coming from every walk of life and many different world cultures. We embrace this diversity and consider it one of church strengths.  Our roots go deep in health care, ministry, and service, continuing the work of Jesus. We are here to share the story of Jesus with others and together become more like Him.  Come, join us on Saturday, our Sabbath, to worship our King and our Creator.


Pastor Virgil Covel

Pastor Virgil Covel


“Entering In: The Way to Powerful Prayer”

August 27,  2016

August 26-27 is a Prayer and Spiritual Emphasis Weekend. Virgil Covel, Ministerial & Prayer Ministries Director for the Kansas-Nebraska Conference will be joining us for a very exciting journey on how to strengthen our personal walk with Christ. The first meeting will be Friday evening at 7 pm. On that Sabbath, Virgil will continue with our worship service followed by a fellowship lunch. The final meeting will be after lunch at 2 pm. (See attached flyer for more information.)

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Car Wash July 10 (1)

Car Wash // Sunday, August 21 ● 10 am – 3 pm // Come to Home Depot in Countryside to get your car sparkling clean and support the HAA Senior Class of 2017 as they prepare for their mission trip to Jamaica. All proceeds go toward the mission trip.